Monday, April 29, 2013

My Abuelita Says...

Usually, I call my Abuelita every day.  We chat for a while, she always makes me laugh.

I was named after her, I believe I have her strength, as well as, her righteousness.  This entry is neither about righteousness, nor strength, it's about LOVE.

I call my Abuelita even when I don't have news to share because just hearing her voice makes my heart happy. The joy she gets out being thought of and acknowledged that's priceless to me.  Some days I'm too busy running around doing nothing or busy doing many things and I neglect to call her so she calls me the very next day.  If you call my cell phone my outgoing message is in English first then in Spanish. The Spanish version is for my Abuelita. 

I'm not her only grandchild yet she makes me feel like I am. 

I know the reverence and love she has for all her other grandchildren; she has Ten (10) Grandchildren (I'm number three), Eight 8 Great Grandchildren (one on the way) and One Great, Great Grand-daughter.  Her most favorite is her first Grand Daughter, I know this for sure but she will never admit it. She says she has no favorites and that we are all the same. That's what parents say all the time, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, they all say all of the children are the same but that is not accurate. The only way we are all the same is in our uniqueness.

My Abuelita has very strong opinions about things and very deep life experiences. I relish all the knowledge she has bestowed upon me and am so grateful to the universe that we are able to still communicate and be in each other's lives.  

When I was in my twenties my relationship status did not matter to Abuelita, she would just beg me to marry so I can have a child. She said she didn't want to die without meeting a child of mine. It didn't matter that I had no desire to be a mom at that point in my life. I wanted to wait until I was in my early thirties to have a child (and I did, well my late thirties.  For me it was the appropriate thing to do. It's what I wanted for so many reasons).  I thank God every day my son was able to meet my Abuelita and spend some time with her. Prior to his second birthday we traveled to see her quite often (children two and under travel for free if they sit on your lap during the course of the flight).

Recently we celebrated her 80th birthday (yes, I know, my Abuelita is very young) and my son was there. My two year old celebrated his great grandmother's 80th birthday with her alongside his grandmother of 60 and his mom of 38.  What a gift.

Abuelita loves to talk about the soap operas she watches and about the beautiful weather. I love to talk about eating healthy food and turning the tv off and having wonderful heart to heart conversations. I wish we lived a car ride away, we would both benefit from the time together for now I thank God I can pick up my phone or an iPod and just see and talk to Abuelita on the computer.  

My Abuelita says I should have another child. She says I should cook dinner every day and I should always ask my partner for permission to go out with my friends.  My Abuelita says when I am older I will know what it means to be a wife. My Abuelita says she hopes to die before she can't take care of herself. My Abuelita says she is proud of all the education I have gotten. My Abuelita says I should keep traveling the way I have because it helps her to feel successful. My Abuelita says I am her little girl and that no matter how old I am I always will be her little baby girl.  My Abuelita says, "Come over and have a cup of coffee with me!" You know what I say, I say, "Si Abuelita! Te quiero mucho, ya voy Abuelita, ya voy!"

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