Sunday, December 30, 2012

Walking with Bentley

Bentley has been a member of this family for five months and a week.  
He is a tiny Yorkie Poodle.  We adopted him from a friend who really didn't have a choice but to find another home for him.

I'm grateful for this little creature in my life.  I don't always admit it. I don't always smile when he is barking his little lungs off.  He barks like a rottweiler.  If you hear him before you see him you will be scared.
So we went for a walk tonight, as per the norm  and usually he runs and runs and runs tonight it seemed like even though it was freezing cold he was taking the time to smell the flowers.  While Bentley was smelling the flowers I was able to enjoy tonight's evening sky. 

Have you gone outside and marveled at the mesmerizing sky?  The dark sky is punctuated with hues of light, not only the amazing stars twinkling but the moon is being reflected by the airy clouds.  It's very cold out tonight but the phenomenal sky makes the coldness almost bearable.  Last night it was foggy and rainy. I drove into Brooklyn, as I got off the BQE and made the left turn under the overpass I saw a homeless person.  I caught the view in the rear view mirror, it made me sad. I took a picture.  What made me smile was that walking towards my car from the opposite corner was a man and his dog.  The weather was frightful but the two skipped on by as if it was sunny and warm.  I didn't forget the homeless person all wrapped up and sleeping on the ground, I said a prayer for them.  I also smiled inside from the joy I saw in the faces of the man and his dog.  

I hope to have a long life with Mr. Bentley as he is a part of my family now. I appreciate his energy and also appreciate when he stops to smell the flowers!

Do you have a pet?
What's your pet's name?
What is it?


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Friday, December 28, 2012


EE Cummings - i carry your heart

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)

                                    i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant 
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

The above poem by ee cummings is very beautiful and means the world to me.
I have many thoughts circling my mind. I have many emotions enveloping my heart.

I was introduced to this poem by a friend because it's an expression I 
often share.  I consider myself unique, just like everyone else in the world. 
I've been in circles with such a huge variety of folks. I've been part of so many 
communities. I thank the Lord and the universe for this.  

Often I meet folks and think I've known them forever. Often I meet someone, share presence and they stay imprinted in my heart. I don't have to know you my entire life or be in your world day 
in and day out to love you and to feel an impact.

My younger days in Queens: Woodside, Flushing & Corona, these are days of old that gave me the chance to meet a wide circle of amazing human beings.  
I remember you.


(I apologize for the crypticness of this post, I'm feeling a bits of ways, it's about loss, it's about 
transformation, growth, evolution and change.)


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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Dear Max Letter

December 26, 2012

Dear Maximillian,
Thank you for choosing me to be your mother.
You are such a gift.

I saw your heart beat for the very first time 2008, I will never find the words to properly articulate my excitement, joy and all around emotion.

You have been my greatest present and your presence in my life has helped me to grow and be a better woman.

I'm writing this letter to you today because we are about to enter into a new year.  2012 is coming to an end which means like every end there will be a new beginning.  We just celebrated your fourth Christmas and they just seem to be getting better and better each and every year.  I didn't think that was possible.

I want you to know I love you with all my heart and soul and I take this opportunity to help coach, love, protect and enjoy you, very seriously.

Your father and I are very clear on the impact you have had on our lives.  We thank the Lord every opportunity we get.

I pray you will always be safe and grow into a wonderfully smart, kind, compassionate, strong, giving, loving, fun, creative, intelligent, enlightened, self aware, down to earth and just all around awesome man.  I pray that the Lord gives me the honor of dancing with you at your wedding one day and that I can hold your first born child in my arms.  I remember the very first time I saw your little face and I really just couldn't believe that I could hold you in my arms.

I am sure I've mentioned this in some of the letters I've written to you and I will most likely share the story one day when are older and we are conversing about life experiences.  You and I were in an accident when you were in my belly, it was a hit and run. I thought we were going to die, I thought I was never going to get to meet you on this Earth and I would have to explain to you in the after life how it was that I failed to protect you.  The little "Scion" we were driving lost control and I had to let go of the steering wheel. I cried, prayed to God to help us and apologized to you for not taking care of you the way I should have.  It's right up at the top of the list of worst things that I have experienced.  It was most definitely the scariest.  I resigned myself to the Lord and once I let go and let God we were saved.  The "Scion" was totaled but I was fine and you were fine,   Everything was fine.  Sometimes I think your reaction to loud noises stems directly from that unfortunate accident. What I always think is that God has a greater purpose for us.

We have a calling in this life and although I'm still figuring mine out to the letter, I will be by your side always to support you, to cheer you on, to help you up when you fall, to help you live your very best life.  I believe in you more than I have ever been able to believe in anyone, at times even myself.

When you were in my belly I would sing Frankie Valli's "Can't take my eyes off of you," to you and the first time I heard you sing that song it brought a huge smile to my heart.  You really are amazing and "I love to hold you so much, I thank God you are alive! I love you, Baby!"

Maxi, the night when we were trying to get the piece of glass out of my foot and you said, "Momma, I'm here for you and you can hold me so that it doesn't hurt." You truly took away the pain because all I could focus on was how amazingly compassionate you are so early in life.  You are, like your grandfather says, "The biggest thing to hit the country!"  :)

Please know you can always count on your momma.  I will forever be there because I live in your heart.  Know you are part of my SOUL.

Whenever I am not around just close your eyes, take a deep breathe and trust I live inside of you because we are part of each other to no end.  If I do nothing else in this lifetime I will have lived a full life because I am your mom!

love, mom


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Feliz Navidad? :)

Emotions all around me, Feelings that confound me.
I can't not find the reason to laugh and not cry this season...

Merry Christmas.

These past few days I've been overcome with great nostalgia.  I am nostalgic, just reminiscing about the days of old.  Truth be told, everyone in my home is fast asleep and I am sitting here listening to "Burrito Sabanero," crying (yes, Farrah, I know what you are thinking). I miss my family, I miss our Christmas Parrandas. Okay, we never had Parrandas the way Caribean folks have Parrandas, we had Farra's.  A Farra is an Ecuadorian full fledged jam.  You know the one, the one that starts at 7:00 PM but doesn't end until the sun rises and you finish having some, "hair of the dog," for breakfast. 

I was blessed to grow up in a two family home in Queens, New York.  I lived with both of my parents, my younger sister and brother ('till I was 17 and my youngest brother was born) on the second floor for several years. On the first floor lived my maternal grandparents, two aunts and two uncles. As time passed several of my extended family members would come and go.  One day when I was a teenager my aunt, uncle and cousins were joking around and they said Grandma's house was like the Statue of Liberty, "Give me your tired your poor Your huddled masses yearning to breath free The wretched refuse of your teeming shore Send these the homeless tempest tost to..."   It was a joke but not too far from the truth.  My grandmother hosted everyone in our home, she would always say, "Donde come uno comen dies!" That translates to, "Where one eats ten can eat as well!"  It was fun, scary sometimes, annoying often but all together pretty spectacular.  My maternal family is from Ecuador and my Paternal family is from Puerto Rico, any time of the year we had folks from either country staying with us, in the attic or in the basement, it was pretty interesting. 

The Holiday season was always a feast to remember.  Invitations never went out and phone calls were not made, La Casa de Julia (My Abuelita) was just the spot.  Extended family and all dear friends would come calling, everyone was welcome and everyone had fun.  I spent 30 years celebrating Christmas with Grandma aka Abuelita and 21 of them were in that house.  Christmas Eve was little New Years but there was nothing little about it.  We would dress in our very best and a feast would be prepared, the music would be blaring and folks would dance and the television would have some latin dance party being aired. It was a riot. We would exchange gifts at midnight and pop cheap bottles of champagne (you know like MUMS or something, "Meet the Fockers" reference).  I dare say the NYPD came to ask us to turn down the music, once or twice but then ending up having a drink with grandpa and all was forgiven. 

It was the best of times.

Christmas Eve this year was a little different than the times I described.  This year I had a lovely dinner at home with my eclectic, beautiful, loving, and amazing blended family. 106.7 was on the radio (as per the norm, if it's not 106.7 it's 100.3, 93.9, or 97.9), the chicken was slow roasting from 11:00 AM, I made a salad (I have truly cornered the market on salad making), some sweet potatoes, sauteed eggplant and a tiny piece of honey ham.  Dessert was a slither of red velvet cake with some vanilla ice cream and some coffee.  We drank some wine and some Krug Champagne.  We talked about how the chicken was purchased at the live poultry shop and seasoned three days prior. We talked about the lack of Mental Health initiatives, attention, resources, policies, awareness, and knowledge.  We discussed fears, joys, cultures, customs, dreams, love, life.  Our conversations ran the gamut.  It was lovely. ("Your girl is lovely, Hubbell.")  At midnight I was serving coffee.  Once we finished desert we moved to the living room opened a few gifts, took some photos near the tree, enjoyed the joy of the two little ones opening gifts and that was the end of that.

Christmas Day was also full of love and harmony.   Me, my eclectic, beautiful, loving, and amazing blended family.  This year we were fortunate to have a new member of the family join us for our Christmas tradition of giving out all the gifts and opening them together, taking family pictures by the tree and just enjoying each others company.  Brunch, yum. Relaxation, games. Dinner. (all the while I am taking pictures of it all!)

There was no dancing, no cheap champagne, just laughter, and love.

I miss my extended family and our old customs.  Also, I am so very blessed and excited about the new traditions I've become a part of and even more thrilled about the new rituals I've created for my little one.

Feliz Navidad!

What are your holiday customs? 
Do you do anything extra special during the holiday season?


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Monday, December 24, 2012


For me the Soul is an energy that exists within and without.

It is a constant flow of love and light and when it's met with love and light it recognizes itself.

Every single human being is a Soul and Every Soul is Divine.

What is your definition of Soul? 

Check out what some of my favorite teachers have to say about the soul: Oprah OWN: What is the Soul?


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Sunday, December 23, 2012


I was excited to get a bag full of trimmings for gift wrapping from the attic and as I turned and began walking away, I stepped on a piece of glass. 


The glass cut my left foot and has been hurting me since it happened.  I've been limping and it's neither cute, nor fun.  It is quite cumbersome.  
I had plans tonight. 
It's been frustrating to not be able to go celebrate a special lady's birthday.  

Max's dad tried to get the glass out of my foot and he really couldn't see it, I tried all day.  My friend suggested the following: 

...soak it to soften skin & hope it comes out then if it doesn't ice it to numb & start digging. 

Step 1 the old trick to remove glass from your foot is take a half bucket of warm water  &

2 cups of sugar soak your foot for 1/2 hr the sugar neutralizes the salt in the glass  &

 moves it to the surface.

Step2 Firstly, wash the wound in cold water; doing this will reduce the bleeding while also 


rid of any extra small shards of glass that might be present in the foot.
Once you are done with this, place the foot on a solid surface that is well lit; 
this should give you a good visual of the glass piece.
Swab the area with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol.
You will need a needle and tweezers. 
Disinfect them by soaking them in a bowl of alcohol for 5 to 10 minutes.
Use the tweezers to remove the shard of glass from the foot. 
If it is a tiny piece, use the needle and slide it back and forth to release the glass, 
till you can grab it with a pair of tweezers.
Once you have removed the shard of glass, clean the area of the foot again 
with swabs dipped in alcohol.
Apply an antiseptic cream to soothe wound, and bandage the area to avoid infection.

I tried the above remedy but it didn't work for me. While Max's dad was attempting to help I was being very adamant about him not hurting me.  It hurt a whole lot. Max came to my side and told his dad not to hurt me. He then made my soul dance and made me so proud.  He said, "Momma, I'm here for you, so that papa doesn't hurt you. I will hug you and it won't hurt!"

The boy stood right there with me the entire time and gave me the greatest hugs ever.  His dad didn't get the glass out but tiny shards of glass hurting my feet pale in comparison to the love and joy in my heart to experience my little one's compassion.
His thoughtful kindness.

I truly am blessed.
Thank you, Max for truly being a gift, you are my hero!

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve. 

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pride, Money, Thoughtfulness & Gratitude

I've been unemployed for a while and have no real source of income.  My consulting and volunteering doesn't produce any finances, the pay is purely the internal satisfaction of sharing and giving back to my community.  I am grateful to the people who I love and have in my life, for all the support they give me.  I value all the financial help from key folks.   Not to mention, my volunteering takes me away from my son and he is being graciously taken care of. He is safe and sound, having a blast and it's not costing me anything, it's truly a blessing.

This being said, it is still an enormous challenge for me to have to ask for and accept financial assistance. It's truly quite agitating so having to do it is not something I enjoy in the least.   It might just be my ego but that doesn't change the feeling. Just last night I made a request for gas money, I was given the cash to fill up my car with gas and then today when I opened up my mail I received a very thoughtful greeting card with a check addressed to me with enough for three visits to the pump.

I am humbled and forever indebted to all the amazingly divine spirits who live in my heart, and thankfully walk this amazing Earth.

Thank you!

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Monday, December 17, 2012


As I walked Bentley this morning I looked up to the cloud filled sky and caught a glimpse of a beautiful bird soaring above my head.  I immediately took a deep breathe and thought, "Wow, what a beautiful sight. This bird is just soaring and although to me this is really high and requires effort, this is what birds do. This is natural for this bird."  The bird Soars and the bird Sings;  this is what it does.  The bird doesn't have to think about it or plan for it or prep for it, it just Flies.  

On occasion I am blessed with moments of enlightenment.  I feel this moment, this morning, was an enlightened one.  From this brief encounter I understood, we are all Human Beings and just like the bird we have innate abilities and we need not hesitate.  There was no hesitation in the fluidity of the bird, he was at home in the sky and I am 100% certain it was at home in a nest in a tree or wherever its destination was.  Let's learn from the little teachers we see every day. Let's learn from the grass that uses the water and the sun to grow and no one has to tell it to grow. Let's learn from the birds that soar when they need to without second guessing themselves.

Go be! 


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Together, IT'S THE ONLY WAY!

We are still in need of stuff and man power in the Rockaways.  I have included a link to the report by Toni on NY at The Rockaways, as it is very informative.  If you don't have the finances to purchase stuff you can
volunteer your time.
I am immensely grateful for the many heartfelt donations that I have received.  I have taken several donations and it's still not enough, I am requesting help, Please share and get the word out...I am still collecting NEW, WARM Hats and SOCKS.
Remember this message?

Helping Friends In Far Rockaway
I am asking for your help from now until the end of December...

I am collecting NEW  & WARM HATS and SOCKS 
for the folks in 

Far Rockaway, for babies all the way 
through adulthood, men and women.
If you have
 a connection at places of business that 
sell these and can make a donation please let me 
know who to call or where to go and I will go.
The people of Far Rockaway thank you in advance 
and I thank you with all my heart!

and we can set up a pick up or drop off.
Thank you so much!




Please check out this informative link.
Toni On NY at The Rockaways


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I've been going over, in my mind for quite a while, how is the best way for me to present this.
I have gone through different scenarios in my head about the reaction from folks that I know and even the reaction from folks I don't know.  The more I go over this the more certain I am that I must share my experience. 

This year I learned I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD.  

(This is a something I have, not what I am!)

The very instant I found out I was overcome with great sadness followed by extreme fear.  When I allowed the feelings to sit with me I was taken over by relief.  The last 30 years of my life became vividly clear and now I could consciously put systems into play to help me manage effectively.  It's truly a blessing to have this awareness, as I have beat myself for so long for so many things that have been affected by the ADHD. As an adult I have already organically implemented various coping skills.  Now that I am clear of my situation I have the ability to make choices that help me prosper and be in harmony with myself and the universe.  Almost immediately I began incorporating practices that help me function without the stress of ADHD and without the use of medication.

One huge thing I realized once I got this knowledge was my last job, outside of the home, was very challenging for me because of the small work space and the monotony of being at a desk all day, every day. It was torture.  I blamed myself so much and lacked great compassion for myself.  I cried quite often, as the discomfort I felt on a daily basis was unbearable.  Had I known then perhaps I could have worked out systems with my supervisor and colleague to circumvent the frustration not only for myself but for all parties included.  

The position I had prior was one where I was able to flourish as I used every single one of my talents and weaknesses innately and was extremely effective and successful; all the while I was happy and completely enjoying myself. The variety of situations kept me positively engaged.  I will give you a few examples so you can get a clearer picture.

Waking up early to respond to work emails while I ate breakfast in my pjs allowed me to multitask in a comfort zone.  I would create my daily "to do" lists and move about my day.  Once my lists were created, my reports submitted and emails answered, I could dress up begin my Field Work.  First thing I would maybe shoot on over to a meeting in Jackson Heights with the Assistant Principal of a middle school who had the After School program under control, and was proud of what it is and what he created there.  Shortly after being there I would head off to the next school right down the road where my contact was like, "ok, I do not want this, it was just handed to me, can you hire someone to be in charge here at the school, I have way too much on my plate."  Some days the energy would be a bit draining so before going off to meet with the Principal Players at the schools in Far Rockaway to help in anyway possible with the challenges the schools were facing, I would have to stop and pick up a sandwich for lunch or just a tall latte with a raspberry scone, most days I would just wait to get to the office and order a salad from Nolita House or something from the deli to hold me over.  I worked with phasing out schools, high functioning "A" schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, it was a plethora of situations and events, every single day.  Never, ever a dull moment!

After being at all these diverse educational facilities and meeting with all these wonderful folks who are truly just doing a:what they know and b:their best, I would head into the office to do paperwork and/or meet with the folks who I shared a common passion with, emboldening lives. At any given point during the course of the day I was engaged in supervising and working with several of the amazing and the few sometimes not-so-amazing Trainers.  You know the latter being those who 'were good but that's what stopped them from being great,' trainers.  There was never a schedule for trainer interaction only for trainer observation and sometimes for trainer visits.  At one point I was supervising 33 schools which translated into about 45 trainers.  I can proudly say that only one negative incident went down on the record because I had too many schools and just confided and trusted the folks I supervised to be consummate professionals. 

I so loved my job.  I was GREAT at it.  The interaction with these multiple personalities was a blessing to me and worked so harmoniously with my ADHD.  The energy in each of the schools is extremely diverse and the contact with the people was as well.  This is a great reason why at the time I was such an amazing field supervisor.  The shift from the outgoing and engaged position to a position which limited my interaction with diversity was a challenge.  

(If per chance the folks I worked with in the last position are reading this, I apologize wholeheartedly for any unnecessary stress I brought to the table, I wish I knew then what I know now).


Tackling To-Do Lists with ADHD
by Judith Kolberg

People with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) experience time and time management differently than non-ADDers.
Rather than a series of discrete moments following one another in predictable fashion, ADDers sense time as one long NOW. That’s great when it comes to solving problems and handling crises — and it certainly makes the day go faster. But the ADD way of experiencing and managing time complicates things if you’re trying to complete the items on your to-do list.
My client Julia explained her time-sense this way: “Each day goes along like a rudderless boat, lurching through rapids, bashing up against rocks, and then finally landing on shore. I wind up completing only one or two to-dos from my list. It’s very frustrating.”
To accomplish everything you need to do each day with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle, you need more than a calendar or a to-do list. I’ve had clients who were meticulous about maintaining their calendars — and yet were habitually late to meetings and events, if they showed up at all. And I’ve had clients with to-do lists so long it would take them two lifetimes to get everything done.
What you need is my simple, three-step “system with a rhythm.” Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Create your master to-do list.
A master to-do list should capture everything that’s currently on your plate. I’m talking about big things, like planning a wedding or moving, all the way down to simple tasks, like hanging a picture.
To create the master list, gather all the reminders you’ve written yourself in recent days — the scraps of paper, sticky notes, napkins, envelopes, and so on—and compile them into a single list. Transcribe the list into a single word-processing document; a computerized master list is much easier to update than a master list on paper.
Each task added to your master list should be a simple one. By that, I mean something that takes only a single step — making a phone call, buying a hammer, or sending an R.S.V.P. This means you’ll have to break large - scale projects into smaller units. Instead of “buy new car,” for instance, create separate entries, such as “research options,” “calculate how much to spend,” “determine trade-in value of old car,” and so on.
Your master list might contain scores of tasks and events. Obviously, you won’t be able to do everything; you’ll have to set priorities. I recommend the “A-B-C” system: Mark high-priority items (things you absolutely must attend to) with an “A.” Lower-priority items get marked with a “B” (if I have the time) or “C” (fat chance).
Of course, you can use numbers (1-2-3), symbols (3 stars, 2 stars, 1 star), or colors (red-yellow-blue). One of my clients prioritizes her master list using the terms “Now,” “Later,” and “Parking Lot.”

Step 2: Prep your planner.
What you’re able to accomplish depends on how much time is available to you. Sounds simple, right? Yet many ADDers overestimate the amount of time they have — because they fail to recognize how many hours of each day are already “booked” with regular obligations, appointments, events, and tasks.
Sit down with your calendar, personal digital assistant (PDA), or daily planner, and enter all the time- and date-specific items, such as events, birthdays, anniversaries, due dates, meetings, or appointments, one week at a time. Schedule in all the daily and weekly chores you routinely do, as well — shopping for groceries, exercising, balancing your checkbook, and so on.
Once you’ve entered all your time-sensitive and everyday tasks in your calendar, you’ll be able to see, at a glance, how much time you really have to work with.
Step 3: Put it all together.
Now you have two things: a master list of everything you need to do AND a calendar that tells you how much time is available to you each day.
ADDers often have unrealistic expectations of what they can accomplish in a single day. But biting off more than you can chew sets you up for failure. To figure out your daily action plan, look at today’s page in your calendar or planner and then review the A- and B-priorities on your master list.
Estimate how many high-priority master-list items you can fit around your scheduled tasks. Ask yourself, “Given the things I already have scheduled today, is my plan practical?” Consider these points:
  • Plan to do less than you think you might be able to accomplish. That way, you’ll have a “cushion” in case you’re waylaid by heavy traffic, a sick child, or some other unforeseeable problem.
  • Remember to leave enough time for meals, as well as travel to and from appointments and errands.
  • Be sure that each day includes a mix of “high-brain” and “low-brain” tasks; if your day is taken up solely by things that are hard to do or that require lots of decision-making, you’ll be exhausted.
  • Each day should include time outdoors; “green time” has been shown to improve focus and mood.
Once the high-priority items and your scheduled activities are put together, you have that day’s action plan. You can write this list right onto your calendar or planner, enter it into your PDA, or write your list on a separate piece of paper.
As you go about your day, keep your day-planner or PDA handy so you can “capture” new to-do items as they occur to you. When you get home, transfer these to your computerized master list. Once a week or so, re-prioritize the items on your updated master list, and start the entire process anew.
With this system, you’ll be able to accomplish all of your A-priorities, and quite a few of your Bs. What about your Cs? Every once in a while, review your master list. You’ll probably decide that many of the Cs aren’t worth bothering with. That’s a good thing. After all, life isn’t entirely reducible to to-do lists.

Copyright © 1998 - 2010 New Hope Media LLC. All rights reserved.
New Hope Media, 39 W. 37th Street, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10018

ADHD Living Tips

Public Medical Health - ADHD Info

ADHD Resources Index

ADHD information


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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jacqueline Elizabeth

My aunt Jackie is my mom's youngest sister.  In Spanish aunts are lovingly nicknamed "titi." My Niece Kayla didn't really think "Titi" was correct so she began to write "Thee Thee."  I liked that a whole bunch, so now all my aunts are my "Thee Thee's."        

My Thee Thee Jackie is part of my First Red Tent.  From the moment I came into the world she was already there, cheering me on.  My Thee Thee is four years my senior. I grew up with her always having my back, literally and figuratively.  We lived in the same house for most of my life, we have always been very close.  My aunt could very well be my sister or my cousin but most of all she is my friend.  

Almost a decade ago, my aunt decided to continue her life's journey down south about a decade ago, she packed up her boys and her parents and they moved, I helped move them to there new home.   It was a sad day in New York, for me and so many other folks.  We stay in constant contact, we visit each each other often. This year, for the very first time, we have not been in the same room together physically.  Thanks to technology we have been able to see each other via the computer. (What a gift technology is). 

The times when I am not certain if I can continue on my path because there are just too many pressures, too much responsibility and not enough support, I close my eyes and think of my Thee Thee Jackie.  Jackie is a fighter, she's strong, loving, giving and kind.  Whenever folks meet her they immediately fall in love with her, it's just part of her mystical charm.

I've always looked up to my aunt Jackie, I wanted to be her when I was teenager.  Once I graduated from middle school I really wanted to go to Norman Thomas High School, want to know why? Cause she graduated from there.  I wanted to follow in her footsteps.  My aunt can cut a rug like the best of them, I use to love to watch her dance, she's such a great dancer.
No one has a better laugh than my aunt Jackie, when she laughs you feel it, she is laughing from the heart.  When she loves you she gives you her soul.
She's amazing.

Thank you for being the person that you are and for all the love and light you have brought into my life.

Some quotes that always make me think of you:

“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong 
it is until it's in hot water.” 

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” 
― Charlotte BrontëJane Eyre

“A woman has to live her life, or live to repent not having lived it.” 
― D.H. LawrenceLady Chatterley's Lover

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it!"

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."
                                -Cayla Mills

Thank you Thee Thee Jackie for always being one of my greatest cheerleaders. For always being selfless and never judging. For always accepting and celebrating the person I am.  From you I've learned self love and humility!
Thank you for all you give, all you do, everything you create.

I love you more than words can ever say and I thank the Lord every day that we are living in this lifetime together.   Cheers to you!  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! You SHINE!  You've been The Wind Beneath My Wings


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Respectfully & Sincerely yours,