Sunday, December 2, 2012


I have two perpetual calendars by Dr. Wayne W.Dyer.  One calendar lives in my closet and the other on the shelf above my dish rack.  One is small and just has the words to inspire and the other is a bit bigger and also has beautiful artwork to complement the words.

I read each of them every day. 

Today the one in the kitchen says: 

Be gentle and forgiving with yourself, 
abandon any and all shame, 
and refuse to engage in any self-repudiation.

I love this message because it's one that I have to remind myself of often.  It's easy and common for me to remind my beloveds to do this for themselves but when it comes to me for me, it's been a tad bit tricky.  If you follow me on twitter, 

@JeWeLs_MaX you have read where I write, "Loving to the Max and living moment by moment. Getting out of my own way has not been easy, here I go..."

Just the fact I am telling myself I am in my own way is really not being gentle with myself.  I have decided, if I truly want to be at peace, fulfilled, loving and living my best life, then I must truly be nurturing to myself. I must have compassion for myself. It's a practice I must incorporate into my lifestyle.

I can easily tell you three conversations I had this week with folks stressing to them how they need to be compassionate and kind with themselves.  For me it's so natural to understand and KNOW THEY do, now it's time for me to KNOW I do as well.
By the time I post this it will be December 3, 2012 (12.3.12) so I will share what my calendar says for 12/3:

In an infinite Universe,  
there's no time restriction on 
how many lifetimes you get.

Wow, these are some very powerful words and the art has some butterflies. The transitions that butterflies go through to become butterflies would encompass a few of the lifetimes we live in the "infinite Universe." Wow. I think I am going to sit with these words for the night and hope they inspire you as they do me.

Remember to stand in Gratitude, it's the ONLY Attitude.



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Respectfully & Sincerely yours,


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