Monday, December 17, 2012


As I walked Bentley this morning I looked up to the cloud filled sky and caught a glimpse of a beautiful bird soaring above my head.  I immediately took a deep breathe and thought, "Wow, what a beautiful sight. This bird is just soaring and although to me this is really high and requires effort, this is what birds do. This is natural for this bird."  The bird Soars and the bird Sings;  this is what it does.  The bird doesn't have to think about it or plan for it or prep for it, it just Flies.  

On occasion I am blessed with moments of enlightenment.  I feel this moment, this morning, was an enlightened one.  From this brief encounter I understood, we are all Human Beings and just like the bird we have innate abilities and we need not hesitate.  There was no hesitation in the fluidity of the bird, he was at home in the sky and I am 100% certain it was at home in a nest in a tree or wherever its destination was.  Let's learn from the little teachers we see every day. Let's learn from the grass that uses the water and the sun to grow and no one has to tell it to grow. Let's learn from the birds that soar when they need to without second guessing themselves.

Go be! 


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Respectfully & Sincerely yours,

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