Sunday, December 30, 2012

Walking with Bentley

Bentley has been a member of this family for five months and a week.  
He is a tiny Yorkie Poodle.  We adopted him from a friend who really didn't have a choice but to find another home for him.

I'm grateful for this little creature in my life.  I don't always admit it. I don't always smile when he is barking his little lungs off.  He barks like a rottweiler.  If you hear him before you see him you will be scared.
So we went for a walk tonight, as per the norm  and usually he runs and runs and runs tonight it seemed like even though it was freezing cold he was taking the time to smell the flowers.  While Bentley was smelling the flowers I was able to enjoy tonight's evening sky. 

Have you gone outside and marveled at the mesmerizing sky?  The dark sky is punctuated with hues of light, not only the amazing stars twinkling but the moon is being reflected by the airy clouds.  It's very cold out tonight but the phenomenal sky makes the coldness almost bearable.  Last night it was foggy and rainy. I drove into Brooklyn, as I got off the BQE and made the left turn under the overpass I saw a homeless person.  I caught the view in the rear view mirror, it made me sad. I took a picture.  What made me smile was that walking towards my car from the opposite corner was a man and his dog.  The weather was frightful but the two skipped on by as if it was sunny and warm.  I didn't forget the homeless person all wrapped up and sleeping on the ground, I said a prayer for them.  I also smiled inside from the joy I saw in the faces of the man and his dog.  

I hope to have a long life with Mr. Bentley as he is a part of my family now. I appreciate his energy and also appreciate when he stops to smell the flowers!

Do you have a pet?
What's your pet's name?
What is it?


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