Saturday, December 1, 2012

Girly Girl?!?

There have been times that I wished I was a "girly girl."  Those times have been rare and far between but they existed.

I am one of five sisters and I come from a family with much more women than men yet the "girly girl" vibe was never very prevalent in my household.  I think the first "girly girl" I remember is my cousin who just turned thirty this year and got engaged and after her, my cousin whose little girl is now number one "girly girl."  That's it. Those are the two I can think of.  Before my lovely ladies go into a tail spin, I am not saying that we are not ladylike or that we don't have girlish qualities, what I am referring to is "girly girl." I know my articulation skills are lacking in this instance but it's not something clearly definable  with words, it's more like a vibe, like a feeling, like the Humming in Sade's songs.  If you aren't sure if you are a "girly girl" or not stop reading, go to mirror and look at yourself in the eyes, look, look intently and deeply, if you have to think about for more than a moment you are not a "girly girl."

My mother she's a strong, nurturing, focused mother and wife. My grandmother was basically the same, strong, nurturing, focused mother, grandmother and wife.  There wasn't any time or desire (I think, there may have been some desire but not so much, not any that they ever cared to engage or explore) to stop and be "girly."  They don't seek pampering or weekly trips to the salon.  Still to this day if I try to give either of them a shoulder massage they just say, "no!" They do not look to be pampered or be dainty in any way.  I like that about them.  I like that about me, that's why I'm ok with just being Jewels, the Jewels that I am.

Although I am not a "girly girl," I am a fierce and often graceful woman.  I am passionate and nurturing. I am loving, creative and kind, I just don't need to get a manicure or pedicure every week anymore.  From the time I was 19 to the time I was about uh, let's see 24 perhaps, I would get a mani/pedi every two weeks. My nails were wrapped in acrylic and they were each about 1 inch long.  I would get airbrush on my nails, there were times I had my nails pierced, it was madness I tell you.  I spent way too much time and money on that and at this junction I don't regret it. For a moment I thought about it and wished I'd been more prudent with my time and my cash, I should have put away those 35 dollars every two weeks and spent those four or five hours studying as opposed to getting on a bus and sitting in a nail salon for pretty little nails.  The moments spent with Karina, Kristin, Unique and Liz are priceless moments full of fun memories but in reality I don't remember them all. It's more of a feeling and when I see pictures I laugh.  Yet and still, not a "girly girl."

The hair salon is another place that I never wanted to go to. I use to dye my hair at one point in my life and you know how the OMBRE look is all the rage, I was rocking the OMBRE back in 1993.  Just that I didn't pay for it, it just worked out that once my roots grew out long enough without a touch up, viola OMBRE look.  I guess I can consider myself a trendsetter.

Now, I am a mom and my child is a boy, I thank the Lord every day that I have a man child.  I don't know if I could have been able to be the mom of a girl. I mean what if she was a "girly girl?" What in heaven would I do? Well I will tell you what I would do because my world is now graced by the presence of three, count them, THREE of the prettiest, fun, outgoing, precocious, headstrong, loving, fashionable, ladies who occasionally invite me to revel in the glory of the "girly girl" world.  I didn't birth these ladies but I consider them my daughters, heck a mani & pedi trip once a week ain't looking so bad these days, don't see it happening any time soon but it's not something I abhor these days because, Today I honor my inner-child, my inner "girly girl."

How can you acknowledge and honor your inner "girly girl?"

How can you embrace her and let her shine?


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Respectfully & Sincerely yours,


  1. I so enjoyed reading this and can relate on many levels. Beautiful expression xoxo

    1. Thank you, Carol. I truly appreciate your thoughts and sharing! HUGS!