Sunday, December 23, 2012


I was excited to get a bag full of trimmings for gift wrapping from the attic and as I turned and began walking away, I stepped on a piece of glass. 


The glass cut my left foot and has been hurting me since it happened.  I've been limping and it's neither cute, nor fun.  It is quite cumbersome.  
I had plans tonight. 
It's been frustrating to not be able to go celebrate a special lady's birthday.  

Max's dad tried to get the glass out of my foot and he really couldn't see it, I tried all day.  My friend suggested the following: 

...soak it to soften skin & hope it comes out then if it doesn't ice it to numb & start digging. 

Step 1 the old trick to remove glass from your foot is take a half bucket of warm water  &

2 cups of sugar soak your foot for 1/2 hr the sugar neutralizes the salt in the glass  &

 moves it to the surface.

Step2 Firstly, wash the wound in cold water; doing this will reduce the bleeding while also 


rid of any extra small shards of glass that might be present in the foot.
Once you are done with this, place the foot on a solid surface that is well lit; 
this should give you a good visual of the glass piece.
Swab the area with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol.
You will need a needle and tweezers. 
Disinfect them by soaking them in a bowl of alcohol for 5 to 10 minutes.
Use the tweezers to remove the shard of glass from the foot. 
If it is a tiny piece, use the needle and slide it back and forth to release the glass, 
till you can grab it with a pair of tweezers.
Once you have removed the shard of glass, clean the area of the foot again 
with swabs dipped in alcohol.
Apply an antiseptic cream to soothe wound, and bandage the area to avoid infection.

I tried the above remedy but it didn't work for me. While Max's dad was attempting to help I was being very adamant about him not hurting me.  It hurt a whole lot. Max came to my side and told his dad not to hurt me. He then made my soul dance and made me so proud.  He said, "Momma, I'm here for you, so that papa doesn't hurt you. I will hug you and it won't hurt!"

The boy stood right there with me the entire time and gave me the greatest hugs ever.  His dad didn't get the glass out but tiny shards of glass hurting my feet pale in comparison to the love and joy in my heart to experience my little one's compassion.
His thoughtful kindness.

I truly am blessed.
Thank you, Max for truly being a gift, you are my hero!

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve. 

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Respectfully & Sincerely yours,


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