Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am Fine. Everything is Fine.

After leaving my precious one at daycare and talking to his dad and my best friend for moral support I took a ride to CVS to pick up a couple of the things on his supply list. (Do you a believe it, a supply list in daycare;)

I picked up my Ghirardelli chocolate, the wipes, and an Iron Man Repulsor. While I was waiting in line to pay I saw a toddler in a shopping cart with his mom. He was such a little cutie, he had no socks on. I asked the mom if he was her only and she said she had another boy at school. She asked if I had any and I told her I just dropped my little boy off at school and that's why I look like this. (All teary-eyed and red nosed) She sympathized with me. She was so kind. So generous with her words and spirit. She shared how sad she felt when took her first little boy to school and thanked God she had her littlest one with her now.

We talked for a bit, walked out of the store together. 
She kind of shared the sentiment like my friend had emailed "Letting go is very hard even when they are big, so don't think it gets easier. Keep in touch."

We shared some short stories about being a mother.  Her kindness and conversation helped me ease through the moment. I gave her my card as I always love to connect with folks, especially when we can relate to one another.  

Thank you, my loves for the wonderful support and thoughtful sentiments you've been sharing with me. 

I am not alone. 
I am fine.
Everything is fine.


Sharing is caring.

Respectfully & Sincerely yours,


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