Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Patience and Gratitude

I am participating in the Deepak and Oprah MEDITATION CHALLENGE.  I am not on schedule with the meditation postings, I'm on my own's MEDITATION was highlighting gratitude. I'm so grateful for the NOW in my life. My life, right NOW is amazing. I am currently waiting at the airport for a flight back home. I am with my four year old and we've been here since 2:05 pm, it is currently 7:43 pm. I am so proud of his patience, I'm grateful for his focus. We will be getting on flight 302 which leaves here  at 7:55. We've been bypassed thrice already. This flight looks promising. We didn't get home till the evening time and the whole while waiting, my little one was a true pleasure. I'm grateful for the gifts of patience, awareness, love and compassion.

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In Possibility,
Julie Jewels


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