Thursday, December 12, 2013

12.12.13 DRAFT

I was scheduled to chaperone a school trip today, I was so excited to enjoy a Ballet with my 4 year old and his class. On Tuesday I received a call from the school to say there was a mix up with the tickets and no parents would be chaperoning, just school staff and I would be getting reimbursed for the ticket. They said they were very sorry, I said thank you and hung up.

This morning I dropped him off at school and had forgotten to pack his lunch. Usually when we go on trips we leave together and I take him home to eat or we pick something up on the way. I forgot to pack a lunch cause for some reason I thought I would still be going on the trip. When his teacher apologized for the ticket confusion it hit me, "His first solo school trip!" I thought, wow, I won't be there to enjoy the experience with him, to watch him smiling and frolicking with his peers. And no pictures...

My son lives in my heart, we are part of one another and that notion, that knowledge, that, it makes my soul dance.

He had a wonderful time on the trip. He told me a little bit about (HE SHARED!!!HE SHARED!!!)it and I now have a not so little boy.

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In possibility,
Julie Jewels

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