Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What Do You Call It?

Lately I've been thinking a whole lot about that thing, You know, that thing deep inside of me, deep inside of 
you.  Some folks call it, "inner guidance," some call it, "intuition," and some even call it, "a gut feeling."

I mean isn't it imperative to think about this cause doesn't it guide actions? 

Does it guide your actions?
What is your idea regarding that inner feeling that inspires, motivates, and moves you? 
What do you call it? 
Do you call it anything at all?

At time I think of it as, experience, wisdom, divinity, passion all combined into moments of true clarity but what do I call it? I haven't found a word for it cause it just isn't that black and white.

Is it light? 
Is it drive? 
Could it be reality?

Do you know what IT is I am speaking of?
Tell me, what do YOU call it?

Love transcends all things.  Trust in the wonder and power of your dreams.

Thank you for reading and Sharing.

Sharing is caring!
Love exists and Life is a miracle, treat it all as such.
In possibility,
Organic JeWeLs

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