Thursday, January 24, 2013

Does this happen to you?

It use to be, when I was in my twenties, I drank way too much cola.  "Way too much" was about three or four cans a day.  I'd start early in the morning.  I didn't drink coffee (unless I was having a cappuccino after dinner in a restaurant, so I would use that as one of my excuses) for breakfast so I would say, "This is my coffee!"  I would simultaneously smoke a cigarette (I thank God every single day that I stopped that life hurting habit five or so years ago).

I use to love the Chic Click sound of opening up a fresh can of cola.  CLICK, shhhhh, bubble, bubble, bubble. The sounds were like a symphony to me.  I'd relish in the joy of sometimes pouring the contents of the can into a large metallic cup full of ice, the sounds are still music to my ears.  Thankfully I don't drink cola the way I use to.  This day and age I have about 10 or 12 ounces of the stuff about once a month.  The thing about it is I sometimes crave it and want to run to the grocery store to get a cold can of cola and pour it into a tall glass full of ice to sit down and savor it but instead I make the wise choice to fill up on some HEAVEN SENT WATER. Yep. A tall glass of cold water, a short glass of room temperature water, water is such a gift to me!  Heck, it's a gift to the universe.

I love drinking water. I always have a glass of water if I have a cup of coffee. I always drink water when I drink wine. I have a cup of water before I even brush my teeth every morning. I love water.  Tell me why I still have the COLA CRAVING every once in a while?!? Why is the addiction to Cola greater than the addiction to cigarettes (for ME)? I stopped smoking one day and have not had the desire to smoke at all. In all honesty a dear friend of mine picked up the habit after being someone who would THROW AWAY my cigarettes.  My friend began smoking and we were at a retreat at Camp Getaway in Connecticut, a work retreat, and she was smoking. I took one of her cigarettes to throw it away like she use to back in the days and took a drag off of it. Oh my, worst mistake, the drag of the cigarette made me feel ill. Thankfully that was the one and only time I had the 'sillimindedness' to do that.

So, my question is "Does this Happen to you?"  By "THIS" I mean do you crave what you know is harmful for you? Do you want to engage in things that are not for your benefit only because it is entertaining or it tastes good?

Before you make a decision, no matter what the decision, I recommend you take a deep breathe and sit with your choices for a moment.  If it's a serious thing take more than a moment.  Nevertheless, having a tall glass of water while deliberating is always a SMART move to make.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this.

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