Sunday, January 27, 2013


Last night I was driving East on Queens Boulevard, I made a left turn to get onto the Grand Central Parkway and was struck by the vision of an enormous and beautiful moon.  It was surreal. I wanted to park my car and photograph it or just park it and be able to take it in for a while. At that point I could do no such thing.

When I was at a stand still in traffic I was able to see the moon but not as majestic as I had seen it earlier.
I attempted to take photographs, I've not looked at the photos I took but I doubt any was able to capture the phenomena. 

Once I got home and took care of my Saturday night chores I relaxed for a moment and took out one of my many journals. I sat in silence for a moment and began to review the events of my day. I thanked the Lord and the Universe for all the blessings and wonderful moments I encountered during the course of the day, especially the ability to see such beauty when I least expect it.

The title of this post today is EXPANSION, the reason is because what I focus on expands. When I am stuck in a rut it seems the rut just grows and grows. When I focus on the beauty and the blessing it too grows and grows.  

When I woke up this morning I was feeling a bit out of sorts. I'm not certain of the reason but I do think not meditating for a bit has something to do with it.  I took three minutes to quiet down and breathe and once I did the day became a no brainer full of love and light.

I was smart enough to join my son and his dad  for a rare breakfast moment outside.That was a fun and joyful experience. Later I was blessed to attend mass with five phenomenal beings in my life.  After mass four of us went to get some food. Thankfully I had the sense to go to IL Cantone Cafe, in Franklin Square, NY. We enjoyed some pizza, fried calamari, salads and wonderfully soothing Italian music.

Before heading home we stopped at the coffee shop for an afternoon cap. 

I usually blog once my family is asleep or making their way into bed, currently I'm waiting for dinner to be done and once it is we will all sit together for a healthy homemade family dinner made with Tons and Tons of love! 

Right at this very moment I am being serenaded by a symphony of laughter from both downstairs and upstairs.  That, my friends, is The Lord's Blessing!

See, when I focus on the good it gets better. When I focus on the great it only expands to greatness. I promise you, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


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Respectfully & Sincerely yours,


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