Monday, May 13, 2013

Mi Madre

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's day to The Woman I call Madre, Mom, Mami, Mother, mommy, MAH!!!

40 years ago I made her a mom because SHE GAVE ME LIFE! 

I haven't always respected my mom the way she deserves but I have always loved her more than she will ever conceive.  I love her for the mother she is and also celebrate her for the person she is. 

My mom is true heart. Her name might as well be mom because she doesn't know how to do anything else.

My mom and dad were told I was not going to able to be delivered, either mom or me were going to go and my mom refused to accept that. She protected me and gave me life. She made sure that I came into this world and to this day she is my number one cheerleader. Even when she doesn't agree with my decisions or even if she doesn't want to let go she opens up and becomes part of the wind beneath my wings.

I've not done too much in this life of mine that is amazing and phenomenal, other than birth my little joy, Maximillian J, but my mom makes me feel like a Nobel Prize winner. My mom loves me so much, she celebrates me and is so proud of me. My mom adores all of her kids and treats us the same in terms of respect and love. She taught me how to be open and loving even though she is quite conservative with who she is open with or who she shows her love to.

My mom is a gift from God, she is a Goddess and a saint.
Every day of my life (and moreso once I became a mom) I thank my source for my Mom.

Click On The Link Below For Un Poema, en Espanol, para mi Madre.:
Mi Madre Part I

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