Saturday, August 10, 2013


I wrote a post called Women, last year. I checked it out this week and it has truly helped me to focus on folks who inspire my soul and not the things that can have the power to bring me down, if I so choose.  See I am a believer that What I focus on Expands.  These past couple of weeks have been riddled with extreme transitions for me.  I am truly being forced to learn to Expect the Unexpected.  

I started to check out a few photos and this is what has happened.

I have been sitting with many of the blessings I have had and don't always recognize...I have been sharing my love for certain individuals and my gratitude for who they are and what they represent in my life and in my heart.

I recommend it!

It's brought me such joy to sit and think and share about these amazing individuals.

I will share an example:

My friend Carla.
I met my dear sister friend during the spring when I celebrated my 25th birthday. 
We were introduced by a former friend, Cindy. Cindy and I met at work when I was a legal assistant in Forest Hills. Cindy was my ride or die chick back in the mid '90's. 
Well, I was blessed to meet Carla and we instantaneously hit it off. If you know me, you know it takes me a moment or two to warm up to folks. You know I use to have the tendency to judge and me suspicious of anyone new in my circle. It wasn't like this with Carla. I met Carla and immediately felt connected. She gave me the coolest birthday present and card that year and she came to two of the celebrations for that "momentous occasion" ;) . Since that time my sister circle has extended to include my CARLA CONNECTION CREW which I absolutely adore, love, enjoy, miss and appreciate.

Just a note to say Thank you Carla, for being your amazing self. For being my friend and for sharing your friends and family with me. You are a Godsend and I love you!

Sharing is caring is one of my mottos.
I'm thinking if you want to have an awesome love filled experience take out a piece of paper and a writing implement, close your eyes for a moment and envision someone special in your life.  Think of someone who lives in your heart and then write down what makes them special and how you are connected. This practice alone is full of love, peace and joy. If you want to multiply the love, peace and joy then share the thought with that person.  Put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it and mail a little love.

Sharing is caring.

Thank you for reading and sharing.


In Possibility,
Julie Jewels

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