Thursday, March 27, 2014

Relationships are Hard.

Yes, Relationships are Hard.

Being in a relationship is challenging, 
not being in a relationship is challenging.

Being in relationship with myself is challenging.
Fruitful, amazing, and rewarding and also challenging.

I don't have it figured out and every moment brings me more clarity as to how intricate being in relationship truly is.  It doesn't make it any easier or any less messy, this knowledge I have.

In all honesty I have recently committed to doing lots of mirror work coupled with focusing.  This is part of my journey in exploring healing and having compassion for myself. ( I highly recommend it, for me it seemed unnatural initially, now it's become more organic). For More on Mirror Work Click Here and go to Louise Hay's Website.  My therapist first introduced me to "focusing."  For more on Focusing Click Here go to  I've shared a bit about my Part of my Road to Calm Experience, in pictures.  The actual Road To Calm Website. <---I HIGHLY Recommend this experience. 

This week I learned big lessons about me and who i think I am and who i've truly been.

Yes, relationships are hard and and sometimes dirty, and they are mind blowing, life giving, energy draining, joy inspiring, and absolutely sublime! 

What are your thoughts on relationships? Are they challenging? Are they essential? What makes a relationship? What makes a relationship work for you? What makes a relationship not work, for you?

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Thank you for reading and Sharing.

Love exists and Life is a miracle, treat it all as such.

In possibility,
Julie Jewels

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